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Medical Information Form

  1. Introduction to the Medical Information Form™
  2. What the Medical Information Form™ Looks Like
  3. How to Download
  4. How to Fill Out
  5. How to Use

How to Download the Medical Information Form™

Click one of the links below to download the file. Save it on your desktop or in a file such as "My Documents"in Windows.

Word Document

Ideal for Microsoft Office or Word and can be opened as a Rich Text File in other applications - You can edit your medications on the computer and then print out a copy of the MedForm.

Adobe PDF File

Use this one only if you can't open the MSWord Doc. You'll have to print out a blank copy and fill it out by hand.


1. When you click to download the MedForm, you will see a box pop up that asks you whether you'd like to Open or Save the file. Chose the Save option.

2. Save it in a location you can easily remember. Two of the best places are your desktop or, for Windows users, in "My Documents" Folder.

Note: When you copy the form from this page onto your computer no one except those you decide to give a copy of the completed form to will be able to see your private medical information.

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