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For Psychotherapists, about Therapist Absences:

Planning for the Unexpected

The Empty Chair: Making Our Absences Less Traumatic for Everyone

For Patients/Clients:

  1. Toolkit for Families Living with Chronic Medical Illness
  2. Healing Power of Groups
  3. Why Nickname your Illness?
  4. Coping with Trauma

Radio Talk Show Guest: The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness: How to Add Joy to the Ride, in an interview with Ilene Dillon on Emotional Pro Radio, will be available as an MP3 soon.

Dr. Steiner's Publications:


February 10th, 2018: Book Launch!

Help Your Group Thrive: Workbook and Planning Guide, Book Passages, Corte Madera, CA.

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ABOUT Help Your Group Thrive:

This easy-to-use manual guides leaders of discussion groups, peer support groups, organizations and workplace teams. It provides leadership tools, sample group agreements, online netiquette, and numerous modifiable forms.This workbook includes guidelines that can enrich and protect writer’s critique groups, book groups, work groups, psychotherapy groups, etc.

The material has been applied successfully to self-help groups, and other paraprofessionally led groups. Whether you are considering starting a book group or wanting to find ways to recruit new members who will stay, this book has tips and suggestions that will help make your group safer and longer lived.


Sample of Published Articles

Invited Contributor: Preparing Your Clients and Yourself for the Unexpected: Therapist Illness, Retirement, and Death, The Therapist, Vol. 23, Issue 6, November/December, 2011.

Invited Contributor: Therapists Need a Strong Back-up Plan, The National Psychologist, July/August 2011.

Invited Contributor: The Therapist’s Professional Will: A Back-Up Plan Every Clinician Needs, GROUP Journal of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society (Special Issue: The Aging of Group Therapists), Vol. 35.1, March, 2011.

Invited Contributor: “Is Your Motto “Be Prepared!?” Northern California Chapter of the National Speaker’s Association Magazine, Spring 2009.

Invited Contributor: The Empty Chair: Making Our Absences Less Traumatic for Everyone (click to download pdf), Ann Steiner; The New Therapist  Vol. 48, pp 11-21, 2007.

The Therapist Protection Plan: Preparing for Expected and Unexpected Absences from Practice, Ann Steiner, The Therapist, July/September 2004.  (Note: Although this article is no longer current, it includes a good overview.)

Concerns of Women with Ovarian Cancer: A Qualitative Investigation, Ann Steiner (co-author); Quality of Life, Vol. 6, No 4 Dec 1998.

Note: For a more complete listing of her publications please contact Dr. Steiner


NEW! Downloadable Version!!

"The Therapist's Professional Will: The Complete Guide™"
This downloadable program provides therapists with easy to follow worksheets, templates and tips that simplify the process of creating a Professional Will. Law and Ethics credit available for MFTs and LCSWs.


Believing in Ourselves: A Celebration of Women, Nancy Carson (Editor), Jennifer Jones (Photographer), Ann Steiner (Contributor); Kansas City: Andrew McNeil Publishing, 2002.

How to Create and Sustain Groups that Thrive: Therapist's Workbook and Planning Guide, 2015

This easy-to-use manual includes an overview of a wide range of groups, screening, leadership tools, sample group agreements, online netiquette, and numerous modifiable forms for starting and maintaining effective groups.

Whenever I teach "How to Start and Sustain Groups that Thrive", participants ask for copies of the forms and worksheets I have developed. I created this workbook to provide a hands-on approach to the challenges of forming and maintaining cohesive, durable and effective groups. This easy-to-use manual includes a screening and preparation system, complete with modifiable forms.

My screening and preparation system for establishing therapy groups is collaborative in nature. Clients and I work together, using the forms and worksheets I developed to help them clarify what they want out of being in a group at this point in their lives. When screening potential group members, we decide whether they are likely to both benefit from and contribute to the group. New group members feel more connected and the groups have significantly less turnover.

Practical tools include:

  • Group/Life history Forms
  • Sample Group Agreements
  • Termination Agreements for Groups

Available through the Order Products page, on Amazon and for order at your local independent bookstore


Skilled Empathy Through Therapeutic Attachment: for Beginning and Experienced Therapists, Ann Steiner, (Chapter Contributor); Laura E.Gollnick (Author); Wellness Plus Publishing, CA 2004.

Sometimes You Just Want to Feel Like a Human Being: Case Studies of Empowering Psychotherapy with People with Disabilities, Ann Steiner (Chapter contributor); Mary Ann Blotzer and Richard Ruth (Editors); Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company, Inc, Maryland, 1995.

Also see information about Dr. Steiner's CD and downloadable Therapist's Professional Will: The Complete Guide.

Future Publications

The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness: How to Add Joy to the Ride, (Future Book.)

"I am putting the finishing touches on this inspirational self-help book for individuals who have chronic illness. The book also addresses the needs of their loved ones and health care professionals. The material draws on my personal experiences dealing with "medical messes." I offer techniques that have helped clients and doctors deal with the challenges of chronic medical problems. Woven into the chapters are stories and practical tools developed with clients over my 30 years as a psychotherapist." 

The Rollercoaster of Chronic Illness is an upbeat, practical self-help book for people living with chronic illness. Readers will find new ways to make the most of a life with limitations, and learn to handle the challenges that illness brings to relationship issues. Family members, health care workers, and anyone whose life is affected by an ill friend or relative can benefit.

This easy-to-read book includes worksheets and materials that have been road-tested over a long career of one-on-one counsel, and working with patients, their families, and caregivers whether laypeople or professionals.

Dr. Steiner draws on her experience as a psychotherapist and her personal life with arthritis diagnosed at age fourteen. As a former wheelchair user, she has a natural compassion and wisdom about the challenges of bringing joy, comfort and meaning to those with limitations.

For further information see My New Book.

Please check back to see when this book is published or for readings in your area. Add your name to our mailing list and we will notify you when the book is released.


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