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Case Consultation

Consultation with Therapists who do Individual Therapy

Fortunately we never stop growing, and there is always more to learn about the art of therapy.  Consultation can enrich your clinical practice, help you sharpen your skills and rejuvenate your practice.  This dialogue can be ongoing or on an as-needed basis.

I offer consultation for therapists who want to expand their comfort and knowledge base in the following areas:

  • Medical illness
  • The impact of illness on relationships
  • Major life transitions
  • Work related challenges
  • Trust and intimacy issues
  • Organizational issues
  • Couples therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Countertransference issues 

Consultations are available on either an individual or group basis.

Feeling stuck? Consultation help for challenging Clients

Rather than starting with a new therapist, clients who have a good working relationship with their current therapists can benefit from time-limited consultation with an outside clinician, and/or when medical issues, chronic pain, or trauma are involved. My role in these individual sessions is to collaborate in order to enrich your current treatment. 

Through in-service trainings, workshop and keynote addresses, I help providers understand and cope more effectively with challenges such as "angry" or "difficult patients."

See the short articles written for consumers to get a flavor of my approach. Also see my listing of past speaking engagments.

Consultation with Therapists who lead Groups

Groups, the antidote for isolation, can enrich ongoing individual therapy.  Group members dealing with similar challenges can help each other and grow from that experience. Members give each other the gift of hope and cheer each other on during the dark times, the minor and major victories.  There is nothing like witnessing a group trying new ways of coping with challenges, and change their negative self-image. Group work, while challenging, is a true joy.  And helping other therapists make their groups a safer and richer experience for their clients is often stimulating and enriching for each of us.

Group therapy is a rich, often challenging process. Unfortunately, many therapists had to learn their group skills from the "Seat of the Pants School." They may not have had the opportunity to learn about the unique benefits that groups offer. They may not have learned how to design, screen and prepare clients for their groups so that members get the most out of this rich treatment modality.

Stereotypes and prejudices about groups and group therapy exist among therapists and the general public.  Many therapists have not had the opportunity to learn about the unique benefits that groups offer. Often this makes it more difficult to establish and maintain groups. 

Whether you would benefit from help planning a group that uses a different format than you are accustomed to or want assistance starting a new group, consultation can give you the tools to put together a group that will be safe, meaningful and productive for group members.

Consultations are available on either an individual or group basis.

Consultation Group for Licensed Therapists

This twice monthly, facilitated consultation group is designed for therapists who want to look closely at their clinical work, deepen their understanding of their client's processes and sharpen their skills. Members benefit from the support and stimulation of discussing clinical and practice issues with colleagues.This case consultation group combines member's case presentations, relevant readings with discussion and self-exploration.

Members present clinical case material, including their therapeutic framework, working diagnoses, client's history and cultural context. Discussion also addresses the different diagnostic and treatment planning issues as they relate to treatment challenges, family of origin issues, and impact of medical issues if any. In addition, the quality and meaning of the transference is explored, while acknowledging the informative value of countertransference.

If you:

  • Get tired of working in isolation
  • Want the support and stimulation of discussing practice issues with colleagues
  • Want to deepen your clinical work and increase you enjoyment

C.E. Units available for MFTs and LCSW in the state of California. BBS Continuing Education Provider #PCE 4462. Units for psychologists pending.

Consultations for Medical Professionals

I offer consultation services for medical professionals and allied health care providers who want a specialist's insight into working with challenging patient issues and "difficult clients."

Consultation with Self Help Groups and Organizations

Most illness-related organizations and large self help groups want to offer self help groups, either online or at their meetings. Some of these include: the Arthritis Foundation, Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation. These are just a few of the organizations whose self-help groups I have helped make safer and more meaningful places for their members. I am available to do trainings, staff in-service trainings and consultation.

Consultation with Therapists who want to draw up a Therapist's Professional Will

Writing you own Therapist's Professional Will helps you and your colleagues cope when you are unavailable due to vacation, illness, unexpected absence or terminating your practice.

It is difficult to make time to plan for these possible disruptions to an ongoing relationship with a client. I consult with individuals, groups and agencies who want to complete a Therapist's Professional Will in order to be prepared. Many therapists find that it helps to form what I refer to as your Emergency Response Team, a group of trusted colleagues you want to take over your practice in the event of your absence. In additon to the law and ethics workshops I provide, I offer consultation services on an as-needed basis for groups, to help your and your team members keep on track and moving forward on this important, yet challenging project.

Consultations are available on either an individual or group basis.

Professional Will Consultation for Small Business

I also train and consult in developing plans for expected or unexpected absences from a professional practice or small business. A Professional Will provides peace of mind for breaks in service such as vacations, family emergencies, relocation or retirement. This system uses the successful model I built for helping therapists write a Therapist's Professional Will.

Please join the mailing list to be notified when the Professional Will for your small business, or health discipline becomes available.

For more detailed information, please see Dr. Steiner's experience and academic background on her Biography Page.

If you have any questions or want to discuss whether and how my consultation or training services might be of assistance to your group, please feel free to contact me directly at (925) 962-0060 or by sending an email with your phone number and a variety of times when it would be convenient for me to return your call. 

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